Your High Ticket Offer

Package, position & sell your expertise as a scale-able high ticket offer

I promise, this is not about working harder. I want to help you work smarter

Do you want to create and communicate a distinct advantage in your industry?

Have you wondered how to attract higher-paying clients who value your expertise?

Are you tired of trading your hours for dollars and want to command higher fees without adding more work?

When you hear signature services you're probably thinking: 

"How do I take all the things I've been doing plus the ideas I have in my head and turn it into a high-ticket offer that makes sense for my business, AND then package it to make more money?" 

If that sounds like you, keep reading...

Imagine fully stepping in your CEO role: 

Imagine easily communicating your value as an expert and knowing how to position yourself as a go-to authority

Imagine the confidence of having a signature process that will help you build credibility and trust faster

Imagine packaging up what you do in way that no longer exhaust you and having more freedom to spend guilt-free with loved ones

Imagine being able to charge more without working more

Imagine scaling your business with more ease because you can train your team on how to deliver your framework freeing you up to do the type of work that you love 

How do we make the above your reality?

The way to get there is by packaging your expertise into a signature framework that is uniquely yours so that you can build your brand as an expert

And that looks like:


Having a unique framework so that clients convert more easily because they can trust your leadership

Moving away from hourly pricing to command higher fees so that you can work less and make more

More time to do more of what you love because you stop re-inventing the wheel for clients 

I know the stress-relieving difference it makes for creatives, coaches and consultants to package and sell a higher ticket offer that is scale-able

I'm Audrey Joy Kwan 

I help you leverage systems, processes and communications to make more money and break free of day-to-day operations so that you can focus on visionary leadership. 

You might be wondering, she looks young. Thank you, I lucked out with good genes. 

I have a Masters in Communications with experience working on projects with companies that include Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-QTG, Eminence Organic Skincare, and the Canadian Diabetes Association, among others until 2013 when I started my own business working with solopreneurs and small business owners. 

In my direct experience working with business owners like you, I know that having a unique signature service with a clear framework to set you apart from the competition, generates more revenue and is a catalyst for being able to scale with less overwhelm. 


I'm going to show you how to create your signature framework and position it as a high ticket offer that is scale-able using my roadmap



Together we distill the challenges and desires of the people you serve so that your offer meets the right needs and the framework will lead to the right results



Identify the working methods of your high ticket offer so that we can orient your client to where they have been, where they are now and where they need to go in your process to get results



Recommend, outline and develop the stages of your framework and methodology for your signature offering and package it for the high ticket offer



Create a workflow for your signature methodology so that you can operationalize it quickly and with less overwhelm 



Articulate your unique framework and packages in your marketing and sales conversations for a higher ticket offer, and develop a sales process that saves you more time 

If you're ready to package, position & sell your expertise as a high ticket offer but you've got these questions:

I'm struggling to do it myself, it's a tangled mess all in my head, do I need more clarity before you can help?


I don't have a tangible outline of my process yet, will this work for me? 

How do I shift to price for things I haven't been charging for in the past? And how do I deliver it?

That's what I do. 

I can help.

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You're a great fit to work with me to package and position your expertise into a scale-able higher ticket offer if:

You've delivered actual results to your client but need support to re-position your expertise 

You've been building your brand for more than a year but struggle to package your services in a way that commands higher pricing confidently

Dollar for hours is driving you mad and you want to communicate that your value is not time-based 

You want a business that is scale-able by a lean team so that you can focus more of your time on doing what you love 


If that sounds like you.

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How will we work together?

Choose one of two options


Full do-it-with-you option to package, position and sell your expertise as a high ticket offer that is scale-able. We use my five-phase roadmap so that you can command higher prices in less time



 One-day VIP day to efficiently operationalize your signature service with processes and workflows OR to effectively communicate your signature service with a sales process 

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