Grow your business without feeling crushed by its weight



Are you a creative entrepreneur with a growing list of clients who feels pulled in every direction?

As you take on more projects, does it feel like your load of responsibilities is getting so heavy that it’s taking you away from what you do best?

Growing your business can be overwhelming, I know. Especially when you’re shouldering so many responsibilities alone.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being stuck doing tasks that are not the best use of your time. You know that you don’t want to:

Spend the majority of your days making sure your team is getting stuff done

Get swamped by an increasingly heavy workload of projects to implement

Spread yourself too thin by trying to be involved in everything

Despite delegating to other people, your efforts so far haven't helped you gain back the time you need to focus on business growth and levelling up

Maybe you've gained a little margin, but projects still can't move forward without you. You backslide into overwhelm.

Guess what? This is all normal.

But scaling up in a less painful way is also possible.

We know because we've seen other business owners struggle with these challenges over and over again. 


Hi there, I'm Audrey 

At AJK Consulting, I help creative entrepreneurs scale their business faster with strategic support on leadership, systems, processes and communications so that they can have more freedom to be the visionary leader. 


I’ve spent the last 15 years working with businesses to build marketing teams and have a Masters in Communications focusing on Organizational Development.


My experience working with agency owners and helping them to scale into seven-figures is that creative entrepreneurs often feel like they only know how to do all the things that need doing. 


If that sounds familiar you are not alone


You may have already tried a few approaches to solving your scaling challenges. 

Does this sound familiar: 

You continue to do things the same way and manage it all on your own.


This has you chained to implementation and you don’t have the bandwidth to take on new clients.


Your approach is taking you farther and farther away from opportunities that grow your business.

You think: “We just need to get it done. It’s not complicated!”


So you make the next hire but their method is not exactly how you wanted it to get done and the results are not quite right.  


Plus, it takes longer to train them than you expected and things still fell between the cracks.

You set up some systems and processes on your own, as many people do.


It looks straightforward at first but before long it becomes all-consuming.


You ended up unintentionally taking on more work instead of reducing your management load.

Have you considered this? 

You gain strategic support the build your workflows, processes, and systems so that you can protect your zone of genius and your team can consistently produce quality results. You can finally take your vacation without being chained to your laptop.

That's what I do. 

I can help.

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Our Promise 

When you engage us to help you with systems and processes our priority is to protect your time, fix productivity leaks and help your business level up.


Our difference is that we take the time to discover the zone of genius in your business, understand the processes that live in your head and customize workflows that protect your time and energy.

We don’t just create cookie cutter systems, we consider the aspects of your business that drive exceptional outcomes and consistently bring you more clients. THEN we customize workflows to protect these outcomes.

Imagine when you finally have workflows that free you up to do what you do best?

You double your number of clients because you have more time for business development and no longer worry about more responsibility falling onto your shoulders

The team isn’t relying on you to move projects forward because they are empowered to make more autonomous decisions without you overseeing every little detail

You gain back the time you need to focus on the big picture and new opportunities because you have peace-of-mind that things are not falling through the cracks

Finally, you take that long vacation you’ve been holding off on because you’re confident that your team is taking ownership of the work

Imagine finally having the freedom to  spend guilt-free time with family and friends and be fully present in the moment

We can help you navigate your system, processes and workflow challenges. We do that in three steps: 

Meet with us. We'll take the time to discover the zone of genius in your business and understand the processes that live in your head before we implement

Get done-with-you custom processes and repeatable workflows to level up your business and give you more time to pursue new business opportunities.

If you like, we can execute together, train your team, and empower your team to independently move projects forward without sacrificing the quality of the work.

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