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in the weeds of running your business?

Tamara Taggart

Tamara Taggart

Former News at 6 Anchor, CTV

Audrey Kwan is a force. I have had the pleasure of working with her on a significant event for just over five years. I have the deepest respect for Audrey’s commitment to making a positive difference in everything she touches. She is capable, smart, kind and her instincts are always bang on. The most amazing thing about Audrey is that you instantly respect and trust her. Knowing her is like being with a lifelong friend. If I get the chance to work with her again, I would be the lucky one.

Vaness Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards

CEO, Science of People

Audrey’s talents are limitless. She’s experienced in brand management, communication, body language and more. Any individual, school or organization would be lucky to have her as part of their team.

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Tom Prilesky

Co-Owner, Carbon Life Media

We've worked with business advisors and strategists before, and Audrey has delivered the best value for the investment. She is skilled at keeping things on track and laying out the direction forward; constantly unraveling the mess of ideas we throw at her. With us managing two businesses and a family we're having to keep a lot of ball in the air at all times, and we've really benefited from Audrey giving us very specific actionable steps instead of overwhelming us and being flexible enough to pivot with us. We highly recommend Audrey. 


Roy Chong

CEO, Noodlewave Media

Audrey plays a vital role in our campaigns. We’ve seen a measurable lift in KPI’s such as sales, leads, published articles and social engagement. Her level of enthusiasm, passion and creativity is inspiring. She has the ability to dial in on what is important and deliver while managing multiple moving parts. It’s a skill that comes naturally to her. Audrey’s intuition for communications and keen sense of understanding a client’s perspective is invaluable.

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Aryn Kalson-Sperandio

President, True Story Consulting

The first thing you have to know about working with Audrey is that she absolutely loves what she does. She has gone over and above for me because she genuinely believes in my business, but more importantly, she is genuinely passionate about helping business owners sort out their processes and services. Audrey's guidance has been a tremendous asset to my business since we started working together. She helped me craft better proposals, pitches, and sales emails, which have played a role in my ability to grow this year. I would recommend Audrey to any owner who understands that investing in their business is a critical way to grow. 

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Kirsten Aubrey

Co-Owner, Carbon Life Media

One of the main challenges we've been facing in our business is having our clients be willing to work through the processes we use to deliver results. Audrey has helped us clarify our offer and simplify the process to create more active engagement and enthusiastic buy-in from our clients. We have seen her help us clarify and pin down ideas that have ruminating for years. Through her help, we've accelerated our business building and created an opportunity to go to market with a whole new offer. We highly recommend Audrey to anyone seeking laser focus in their business. 

Morgan Nahanee

Morgan Nahanne

Lead Technician, Spectacle Shoppe

I loved the way Audrey was able to glean so much about who I am and what I represent. Audrey is an amazing strategist, coach and cheerleader all rolled into one package. Once we decided what direction we were going in, I was amazed by how driven and persistent she was in helping me get exactly what I needed to move forward. I love Audrey’s attitude and upbeat personality. I felt, not just listened to, but heard and understood.

Monica Chui

Monica Chui

Director of Business Development, Canadian Liver Foundation

Audrey is a marketing and communications professional who knows how to use minimal resources for maximum result. She develops long-term, meaningful relationships with people based on honesty, authenticity, respect and trust. Her quest for knowledge and her ability to apply that knowledge in communications revitalized my aspiration for higher learning.


Vanessa Choot

Founder, ModernMix Vancouver

Audrey is friendly and bubbly, and exactly what you should be looking for when you’re trying to add some excitement and personality to your brand.


Ronald Gibbs

Founder, Lumiere Analytics

Audrey is a cornerstone in my transformation from a good technical speaker to an engaging and memorable communicator. Audrey combines all her research on the science behind communication with a positive and caring energy. You can tell she just loves her work and that translates into great results in your personal processes of growing as a communicator.

Susan_Lui Woronko

Susan Liu Woronko

Senior Manager, Business Development, MOSAIC

Audrey helped us raise the bar. She provided my team with training on communication through storytelling. We had a gap in knowledge on creating engaging storylines and were struggling with connecting with our audience. After the workshop, we were able to identify strong content marketing themes that work for us. We thoroughly enjoyed having her with us because of her upbeat attitude, proven professional experience and creative way of thinking.

Michael Edward Infante

Michael Infante

President, Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants

Audrey has strengthened our self-awareness and increased our competitive advantage in the workplace. She is a natural communicator who delivered an engaging and interactive workshop that helped us identify both ours and other people’s communication style. More importantly, our group came out with the tools on how to effectively engage people and build more meaningful relationships – all of which are essential to success.


Sabrina Fenster

Co-Founder, Street Scout Me

Audrey is strategic in her approach and she also understands the value of creativity when it comes to building buzz around a brand. Now that Audrey and I have worked together multiple times, we’ve developed a long-term business relationship and friendship. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their communications. She’s a wonderful person to work alongside.

Linda Sin

Linda Sin

Owner, Middle Sister

Audrey is truly amazing. We connected instantly and she took the time to genuinely understand what I needed. She was able to bring my story to life using storytelling to turn my messages into a clear story for marketing. Audrey worked with a tight deadline and exceeded my expectations by delivering a package that was beyond what I envisioned. She is a gifted marketing professional who brought ideas to the table and executed them effortlessly.  Working with her has been so rewarding.

Loralei Snider

Loralei Snider

Founder, BK Naturals

Audrey helped me see clearly what I really wanted to offer my customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Audrey to anyone who is looking to build a powerful message that they can share – she is passionate about her work, and has helped me to discover the deeper meaning of what drives us to choose the path that we do. Given Audrey’s personality and her talent, I would say that she is the best choice to work with for anyone wanting to grow their audience!

Audrey Joy Kwan Strategic Marketing Management

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Together, we'll strategize and implement your big picture. Clients I work with count on me for strategic expertise, they trust me to consider the strategic options best suited for their business and prioritize action so that they can build a business that scales faster.