Why You’re Not Getting Paid Like An Expert (& What To Do About It)

Updated: Mar 17

Are you an expert...who isn’t being paid like one?

A creative, consultant, freelancer, or professional service provider who knows what they’re doing, except when it comes to packaging and positioning your offer as a high ticket?

You might be getting clients but they're not paying you as an expert. And if your clients aren’t paying you for your actual value, then it’s incredibly difficult to scale your business.

Here’s how to identify if you and your business are ready for a high ticket offer:

You’re watching other players in your industry get their message out with ease and you know that could be you if you could only take what you do and communicate it in a unique way

You price your work according to how many hours it takes you to deliver it, but you know there must be a better way

You can imagine scaling but you're so incredibly busy as it is that you just go back to doing the busy-work and feeling chronically unsatisfied

If you’re cycling through these thoughts, this post is for you. It’s about creating High Ticket Offers and the misconceptions that I often see my clients have.

What Is (& Isn’t) A High Ticket Offer?

Misconception #1

Let’s start with what is not a high ticket offer. A high ticket offer is not the “kitchen sink approach”. Don’t make the mistake of offering a line by line itemization of all the services you offer.

Clients care less about the services in a high ticket offer and more about the problem that it can help them solve.

When creating an offer, you might feel inclined to add more so that the value feels like it's there. But a high ticket offer isn’t about the padding you put in it. It’s about a curated experience that gets your client from Point A to Point C with as little friction as possible.

Misconception #2

Speaking of solving problems...you might be thinking, “Well, honestly, my solutions are no different from anybody else’s in my industry, so how on earth can I make my offer a high ticket one?”

Solid question. In fact, it’s one that I love to hear my clients ask.

An element of the imposter syndrome comes into play here, and it happens to all the experts I work with. If you haven’t heard of it, imposter syndrome is when feelings of inadequacy follow you, no matter how successful you are.

In fact, an experience of success can make you feel more inadequate because you wonder when everyone will wake up to the truth about you.

But, truthfully, how YOU and YOUR BUSINESS solves the problem is unique. I promise you. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you outwardly look like you do the same thing as others.

There’s a layer of internal process beneath those seeming similarities. I call that layer your Zone of Genius. Identifying that Zone is key to developing your signature framework, a core component of the high ticket offer.

Misconception #3

Let’s touch on the Zone of Genius.

Another mistake that my clients make is confusing Zone of Genius with Niche.

They’re not the same things. Your Niche is a specific industry you work in and your Zone of Genius is how you are uniquely wired to help clients solve their problems.

But...when you apply your Zone of Genius to your Niche and communicate it with a signature framework you have a high ticket offer.

Misconception #4

A scale-able high ticket offer that establishes expertise in a given industry is not a “oh, I got lucky and landed on it” type of thing. They are not the overnight success stories that some marketers would have you believe in.

You need a track record of success to create a signature framework that leads to a high ticket offer.

Creating a high ticket offer isn’t your key to overnight success. But it is an investment in positioning you as an expert, attracting higher-paying clients, and making more money.

Misconception #5

Like all things in business, you don’t just build it and they will come.

So we have your signature framework and your high ticket offer, now what? You’re armed with your marketing message; now it’s time to choose your channel.

First, what works for you might not work for the next person, so stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Let’s consider what you enjoy doing and where you are naturally most compelling. That’s how you get maximum visibility.

Finally, as much as most solopreneurs don’t like the sound of this, sales calls are required for high ticket offers. And you need to have a crystal clear understanding of the objections that can arise. That will help you to not only create a better high ticket offer but also build out your sales process so that you can hire and train people to do it for you.

High Ticket Offer Roadmap

So, what’s the Roadmap that turns generic services into Your High Ticket Offer, and frustrated service-providers into experts?

Here’s a thumbnail version of the Roadmap:

Phase One: Focus

We start by getting very clear on the challenges and desires of your clients and a clear understanding of your Zone of Genius. Without that clarity, your High Ticket Offer, and the framework that delivers it, won’t hit the mark.

Phase Two: Frame

Next, we define your High Ticket Offer’s working methods. This allows you to show your client where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they need to go-- and how your High Ticket Offer will get them there.

Phase Three: Create

We layout your framework for delivering the High Ticket Offer, stage by stage. These are the steps that your client will go through with you in order to get the outcome they want and need from the High Ticket Offer.

Phase Four: Operate

Next, we create the workflows you and your team (if you have one) will follow in order to deliver the High Ticket Offer efficiently, without getting overwhelmed.

​Phase Five: Communicate

Finally, we equip you to market and sell the Offer effectively and efficiently.

You’ve got the right messages and a time-saving sales process to do that and it feels so good.

In my years of helping entrepreneurs to transform their businesses, keying in on the sales process and sales conversation is what really delivers results!

Get paid like an expert

The bottom line is that you do amazing work, and you’ve been doing it for years.

You have a Zone of Genius within your business that generates tremendous value for your clients. And I know that there are a lot of service providers in the sea, but believe me when I say that nobody does it quite like you and what will give you a distinct advantage in growing your business is to distill your signature framework.

The objective of my High Ticket Offer Roadmap is to tap into what your difference is, develop your signature framework, and then create a business-transforming system around it.

Every expert has a calling card. The High Ticket Offer Roadmap will help you get clear on that calling card and bake it into your service offerings, creating the systems and processes that will support it.

If you’re ready to evolve your business towards your vision and create a scale-able offer, head on over here to see how.

It’s yours for the taking!