Allison Davis: How to spot opportunities for bigger plays in sales conversations

How do service-based business owners miss opportunities for bigger plays in sales calls?

You’ve been there and I’ve been there.

It happens when the stakes are high and your nerves get the best of you.

That’s why we’re talking about sales calls today and how to spot opportunities to close bigger deals with two ways of thinking. Hint: my favorite is: “peeling an onion”.

Allison Davis is a sales trainer and coach. With nearly 20 years of sales experience, Allison's contributions have elevated the revenue of companies like National Geographic, Time Out North America and Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc. Allison now focuses on sharing her empathic and human approach to selling with business owners who desire a fresh, modern sales process that feels organic and aligned — not stale and prescribed.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:

5:41: Two common mistakes people make on sales calls

8:33: What happens when we approach sales conversations with a script

9:17: How to hit “beats” in a sales call using the ALIGN framework

10:54: Using the concept of “peeling an onion” in a sales call to get to the bigger pain points and therefore the bigger sale

15:35: Tap into the power of drilling down and sticking to one big pain point in a sales call

16:05: The difference between being good and being great in a sales call

19:14: Storytelling as a superpower and how to marry storytelling and presentation decks in sales

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