Lindsay O'Donnell: How to break the ceiling on sales goal by overcoming mindset blocks

Updated: May 1

If you have a sales ceiling that you keep bumping up against and can’t seem to bust through? Or maybe you’re navigating the complexities of an efficient small team? Listen in on this candid conversation about mindset blocks and team wins and struggles with Lindsay O’Donnell.

Lindsay O'Donnell is the founder and owner of Piquant Marketing, a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency that specializes in health food. After years of being an activist and bouncing around different industries, she found her calling working with small food businesses wanting to change the world.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:

5:05 – Why the thinking behind “when I have extra money then I will hire” is flawed

7:43 – Learning to delegate and the mindset shift that needs to take place to go from doing to delegating

13:34 – The different stages of hiring and how Lindsay is managing her team of 12 contractors

20:56 – The relationship between hitting sales goals and building a team

26:18 – Why team members might not own the work like you the business owner wants them too

34:08 – The additional activities that Lindsay says contributed to the best sales month ever

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