Rita Barry: How to grow a multiple 7 figure agency with more ease

When you think of having a multiple seven-figure marketing agency, you might also think to reach this revenue marker; you need to serve many clients or have a big team.

Think again.

Rita Barry of Rita Barry & Co. has built a digital marketing agency that serves 15 clients with a team of 7 people and makes multiple seven figures.

Rita keeps things simple by focusing on one core service. In this special episode, get an inside peek at:

  • How offering fewer services has led to more revenue and when to let go of a service offering.

  • What people tend to misunderstand about marketing metrics

  • The marketing strategy that helped her build a multiple 7 figure agency

  • Prioritizing client revenue over agency revenue and how that has helped transform her business

  • Mindset challenges to building a team that supports a 7-figure agency and how to overcome it

  • How to hire A+ players to her team

Rita Barry is the CEO of Rita Barry & Co, a digital marketing agency that focuses on metrics and helps its clients take control of their numbers so that they can transform their marketing campaigns and drive more sales. Rita revels in nerdy data collection and interpretation, connecting with business owners whose missions she loves, and creating true value and growth through marketing. She lives with her husband, kids, and Boston Terrier, Zoey in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies, where she can literally climb a mountain any time she needs to getaway.

Show Links

Rita Barry & Co. Website: https://ritabarry.co/

Rita Barry Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ritabarryco/

Rita Barry LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ritabarry/

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