Jelly Marketing & PR: How systems, processes and partnership helps this agency serve over 80 clients

While partnership in a business isn’t for everyone, it has its benefits.

Darian Kovacs started his agency from a storage closet in the start-up days and now has a thriving agency of 80 clients.

Jelly Digital Marketing and PR who serves clients like La-Z-Boy and Splash Down Waterpark went from an agency of one owner -- Darian Kovacs -- and towards his vision of an agency owned by a team by bringing in business partner, Sarah Clark.

In this special episode we speak with Darian and Sarah about what makes a partnership successful and we get an inside peak of the systems and processes that make running 80+ clients possible in their business.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:

  • What makes partnership in an agency successful

  • What systems and processes make running 80+ clients possible

  • The Standard Operating Procedure that is working for Jelly Digital Marketing and PR to help the team prioritize their work

  • How Jelly Digital Marketing and PR plan and track capacity so that budget and people are balanced

  • Why launching their own podcast isn’t the marketing strategy most people think it is


Sarah is a gifted leader with over a decade of experience in marketing and event coordination. As one of Jelly’s original employees, Sarah spent 5 years leading the award winning team and clients through successful nation-wide campaigns before focussing on where her passions truly lie; people and processes!




Darian is founding partner of the award-winning Digital Marketing and PR firm known as Jelly. If you didn’t already know, Darian brings unparalleled charisma and excitement to the brands that he popularizes. Known for off-the-wall ideas and fantastic stories, Darian’s energy keeps the Jelly bus rolling down fun and fabulous roads.


Instagram: @dariankovacs

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