7 Factors that Make Adopting A Business Scaling System Faster

Updated: Mar 8

What’s the one thing that makes you reluctant to get efficiency-boosting, stress-reducing business systems and processes in place?

I bet I can guess. It’s time, right?

As in:

“I barely have enough hours in the day to get my work done and keep my team in line.
How am I going to come up with the extra time I need to learn some complicated project management system?
No thanks.”

Fair enough.

Solving your time problem by spending a bunch of time feels counter-intuitive. I totally get it.

But here’s the thing: the work we do together to whip your business into up-scaling, stress-reducing shape need not take a ton of time.

In fact, I just worked with a small business that only invested about 30 days into adopting their new systems and processes.

Let me clarify: they weren’t spending all of that time just learning about their new tools and platforms. They were getting “business as usual” done, but they were getting it done in a different way that involved a bit of a learning curve, and some support from me.

Imagine 30 days of feeling that learning curve. After which your business will be in a position to scale faster while your managerial workload drops significantly, freeing you to actually do your job.

After implementing the plan, I’ve had clients DOUBLE their growth while the bosses were able to book their first-ever 4-week vacations.

Want to know if you and your company have what it takes to fully adopt a business-scaling system as fast as possible? Here are the 7 factors to look for:

1. You’re ready to let go of doing everything by yourself.

Are you completing billable hour work, as well as moving between being the Account Coordinator, Account Manager, and Account Director for your clients?

If you enjoy being everything to all your clients then you may not be ready for the type of business system I advocate for. I’m about protecting your company’s zone of genius and getting the right people doing the right work at the right times.

And I believe that as the boss, you need time to focus on strategy, high-level vision, and business development. But if you struggle with a desire to wear all hats, your adoption of any efficiency-boosting systems will likely lag.

2. You want to encourage employees/contractors to think like owners, and make more autonomous decisions.

Do you want to trust your team members? Do you believe that employees and contractors could or should take more responsibility for the success of the company?

Companies grow and thrive when employees begin to think like owners, but they have to be treated as such for that transformation to take place.

The right platform will empower your employees and free you from micro-management.

3. You have a willingness to learn done-for-you workflows.

Believe me, there is nothing more freeing than having an external third party (like me) create workflows that actually make sense and save time.

Sometimes it takes that outsider’s perspective, you know?

And having done-for-you workflows is so much faster than struggling to put one together on your own.

4. You believe that there is a better way, even if you don’t feel like you have the time to figure it out.

A lot of bosses carry an unspoken conviction that the level of stress they carry is non-negotiable, inevitable, just “the way it has to be”. But others feel like there has to be a better way, and they’re just not able to see it, and it’s driving them crazy!

Most of us want our beliefs to be confirmed, not disproved. So if you’re convinced it can get better, you’re going to pick up the solution that confirms your belief and run with it.

5. You have a growth mindset.

If you know there is always more to learn, and you’re interested in continuous growth and improvement as a leader, this process will go quickly for you. If you’re not satisfied with stagnation of any kind, you’ll love systems and processes that protect your zone of genius.

6. You’re not too techno-phobic.

Yes, it’s true: technology is what makes so many of the business-scaling, efficiency-boosting systems possible!

The good news is that extremely smart designers are making these tools as user-friendly as possible. But you must be willing to invest a little bit of time and focus into using project management tools like Asana.

Otherwise, you will struggle to track and organize project updates and communication, and you’ll be back at square one: spending all of your time in management mode.

7. You understand that efficiency drives profitability.

Did you know that, according to research by IDC, companies lose 20-30% of their revenue every year due to inefficient systems and processes?

Everybody knows that running a tighter ship means a healthier bottom line, but few understand just how true this is. If you boost productivity, that’s more money in your pocket. Period.

As you review these 7 factors that make adopting a business-scaling system faster, I wonder if you notice what I notice. A big theme in these factors is “control”.

As in:

How much control will you surrender for your quality of life and the greater good of your company?

In fact, I would put it a little differently:

How much control over the little details are you willing to surrender in order to take back control over the bigger picture?

I believe when you remain focused on day-to-day operations, you’re actually giving up on a more important and productive kind of control such as vision-setting and business development. A part of your business that you should never give up on.

You’re in charge.

Nobody can strategize or plan growth like you.

It’s time to take back control, in as little as 10 days.

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