3 Ways Productized Services Help Creatives & Consultants Build 6 & 7 Figure Business With More Ease

Updated: Mar 17

There’s no doubt about it: when you have a thought out strategy and clear process behind how you create value, your creative or consultancy business gets so much more...enjoyable.

You feel appreciated for your efforts. There’s more time in your schedule.

There’s money in the bank to grow your business. You’re doing high-value work, and you know it. It all just becomes less of a struggle.

But reaching this tipping point of running a business with less stress is elusive for far too many talented creatives and consultants.

And if you’ve struggled to attract high paying clients that consider you a strategic partner, there’s a very good chance you’ve struggled with this one major thing: developing a productized service.

A productized service is your signature service offer focused on solving a specific problem for one type of customer with a process that is uniquely yours.

When you have a productized service, you have a system that gets clients results.

That system can be repeated so that you can scale by getting out of day-to-day operations.

Whether you’re a brand-new or a seasoned entrepreneur, a productized signature service helps you attract higher-paying clients and you get to do more inspired work. Maybe you never knew this. Maybe you do know this, and you’ve just resisted taking these steps for whatever reason.

Wherever you’re at, just remember: this is all about building a business that is both enjoyable and sustainable. This isn’t as far away as it might feel sometimes.

Choose to be known for ONE thing

More is not better.

Technically, you might get more clients with more service offerings. But the more service offerings you have, the more overworked and overwhelmed you become with client work.

Understandably, you want new clients. You want to say “yes”. So, you agree to do things that you can do but are really only kind of good at.

I’ve been there.

The first three years in my business, I was a swiss-army-knife offering all the services required to implement a marketing-communications strategy, having come from a corporate background where I was capable of it because of having a large team.

But as a consultant, distilling my offerings down to what I know best doubled my business.

I chose to be known for ONE thing: my ability to run strategy and show my clients how to do the same.

More specifically, I offer coaching and consultation on strategy for creative entrepreneurs so that they can package what they do best into a higher ticket offer.

Choosing to be known for one thing leads to a more compelling value proposition that is easier for you to sell and easier for customers to buy.

Internally, you have a thought-through system and precise process behind how you create value and that process is repeatable. And what is repeatable is scale-able. It removes the overwhelm that service-based businesses have gotten a bad reputation for.

Yes, it can feel scary to think of being known for one thing. One specific type of service delivered to one specific type of person. It can feel limiting, I know.

But, actually, it’s liberating. Here’s how:

1. You create focused and consistent messaging

You invest a good chunk of time into marketing efforts. You network. You make appointments. You make calls. You have social media accounts. You even post regularly!

But what you’re putting out feels like it’s missing the mark. And here’s the thing: You can only create focused messaging if you know who your best customer is.

When you are known for one thing and have a productized service you have a deep understanding of the challenge your best customer struggles with and how your productized service is built to solve that problem.

You know how to speak to your customer because you know how they express their fears, frustrations, desires, and misconceptions over what you do.

2. You can scale without doing all the work yourself

When you have a productized service, you have predictability. That’s because you have repeatable systems and processes to achieve the outcome for different clients. Your team knows what needs to happen every time.

Instead of creating bespoke proposals that go along with what the client wants, you have one to three packages supported by processes. You can then authentically say that one of these is the best package to strategically solve the problem. That, in turn, creates a predictable and defined scope of work for you and your team.

Finally, you have a system to solve the problem. You, as the creator of the framework, system, and processes, have curated the right people to implement them. It isn’t you whom the client needs to lean on for the results, but rather the productized service you built.

And now you can step back to focus on the bigger picture of the business. What would you do with that freedom?

3. You can make money faster

Creative freelancers and consultants tend to think, “why create a productized signature service when you can create a productized course and therefore generate passive income?”

Here is the hard truth about courses and passive income: you need traffic, lots of traffic. Sure, you can buy the traffic using ads. But that is, in itself, a learning curve. Plus, you need time to build your audience. This isn’t an easy path.

Let me be clear...I’m not saying don’t turn your service into a course and chase passive income. What am I saying is that passive income takes a lot more work than the “gurus” would have you believe.

In the immediate term, you can make more money and get a productized service off the ground faster than a digital evergreen course.

If a productized service (in a done-for-you or done-with-you model) sells for $10K, then you need 10 sales to hit $100K. Sales call conversions are a lot higher than online sales conversions and if you convert 50% of your calls, you then only need to get in front of 20 people to sell 10 offers and make $100K.

Let’s say a digital do-it-yourself course on average is $500 because a done-for-you or done-with-you model is going to be a higher ticker offer than a digital do-it-yourself.

To make $100K from a digital do-it-yourself you need to sell 200 units of the $500 course. Since online conversion averages between 1% to 3% and if we lean towards the 3%, then you need approximately 7000 to opt-in for the offer in order to convert 200 people.

And this doesn’t account for the reach you actually need to have in order to convert 7000 people into the opt-in. This is a numbers and marketing game; you don’t just put it out there and they will come.

Closing Thoughts

When you make the brave-- but also smart and strategic-- choice to be known for ONE thing, it will change your business.

Your message becomes focused and truly effective. You tap into growth that doesn’t tap you out as a person.

And you unlock profits much faster than you would by attempting strategies like productized courses.

Whether you're a freelancer who struggles to get out of billable hours, a consultant in high demand needing to get back more time, or an agency owner stuck in the day-to-day operations of running the agency, a productized signature service can help you grow a scaleable business with less stress.

These are the changes that make your business what you dreamed it could be when you first started it. Believe in that business; it’s yours to discover.